Ancient expertise encounters modern production technology, masonary from brickwork for alimentary supplies become a resource to producing a spirit which appears alive to the palate, dry and with a mineral flavour.

The magical beauty of the amphorae merges with innovation of thousands of years old expertise and makes our gin production procedure unique. 
Aroma, balance of flavour, liveliness on the palate.
These are the characteristics the amphorae contributes the aged cocktails. 
To offer a taste experience never tasted before.

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Ancient Expertise

It has been used by the Phoenicians and Romans, cocciopesto is still impossible to be surpassed regarding conservation, maturing and micro-porosity.

Our amphorae are produced with a mixture of remaining bricks, sand and natural binding agents, an ancient design perfect for resistance and conservation; certified by a guaranteed food certification.
Without magnetic interference of any metal frame which could interfere with the natural process of aging.

The amphora confers cocktails and spirits particular harmony and organoleptic qualities, rounding off flavours while aging.

Perfect to conserve and draw off from. 
Make it part of the décor of your bar and use it to experiment with new mixes.

Noun. cocciopesto m, fragments of earthenware or brick mixed with lime and sand, used in antiquity to make mortar or plaster for walls, pavements etc.

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