Ginepario Gin is the result of a researched alchemy of three kinds of Tuscan juniper berries: Riviera, Chianti and Valtiberina. They are distinguished by soil, climate and topography. This Terroir Gin has an unmistakable personality.

Juniper Riviera

Juniper Chianti

Juniper Valtiberina







Ten days of infusion with Helichrysum, Angelica, petals and seed pods, coriander, orange and lemon peel which infuse Ginepario with just the right mix of aromas. Seven botanicals to furnish your taste buds a delightful symphony. Rigorously 100% Tuscan.



Juniper grows wild along the Maremma coastline. The rich flavor is influenced by the volcanic grounds, the altitude of 200m above sea level and the sea wind. PH 6.4. 25% del blend.



Di 45° bilancia ogni cocktail.



Juniper collected in the Chianti hills. Thanks to the elevation of nearly 600m fragrances are quite balsamic. PH 8.3. 10% del blend.



Occurs at low temperatures in a copper pot still. Then two months rest before bottling.



Juniper that grows at elevation of 800m takes in an unmistakable aroma through the sand and silt soil, and it balances the scents. In fact it is the largest part in the blend of our gin. PH 7.7. 65% del blend.



Clear as every good London Dry Gin, Ginepraio astonishes the sense of smell with it’s strong scent of wild juniper, immediately softened by the perfume of rosehip and the herb note of helicrysum. The overwhelming juniper explodes in the mouth, together with rosehip and a balsamic helicrysum. Immediately spicy coriander, lingering finish slightly citrus notes.



Made in Tuscany

The Tuscan Juniper berry itself is recognised world wide as one of the highest quality of it’s kind, and therefore the most utilized by the quality oriented gin producers.

It is no secret that over decades and generations in Tuscany we have inherited food and drink criterions, which have trained us naturally to observe and create certain standards. We know it takes time, expertise and a great deal of passion to create something new and durable. Our London Dry Gin complies with the best antique standards while offering a groundbreaking flavour, made possible by a careful selection and proportion of alcohol and each botanical ingredient.

Thanks to the juniper from three different Tuscan territories, each with organoleptic decisive characteristics, capable of transporting the scent of the sea, the aromas from the hillside and the impetuous flavours from the volcanic soil, Ginepraio is a unique blend; easy to recognise and adequate for every cocktail.

Ginepraio is the only Tuscan Dry Gin, 100% Terroir. The Tuscan Spirit.


92 centesimi

Silver Medal
CSWA 2019


In Italian GINEPRAIO literally means “a cluster of juniper bushes”. 
It’s the intertwining of branches bearing the juniper berries, forming the principle ingredient for gin production. In Tuscany the word GINEPRAIO, a metaphorical way of “cacciarsi in un ginepraio”, also stand for: ‘to get yourself tangled in a difficult or complicated situation’.

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